Wikipedia pic - constellation Ursa Major

I was happy to find a great resource for astronomy curriculum ideas.  Lesson plans and fun astronomy activities can be found at AIAA website kids section.  (This is an organization my husband used to belong to when he worked as an aerospace engineer… this was before I dragged him off to the Midwest to be closer to my family.)  To encourage my first grader’s interest in constellations, I decided to use one of their lesson plans which has the student plot dots on graph paper to create the constellations.

I have labeled graph paper for mapping these constellations (printable pdf), and included the instructions and coordinates given in the AIAA activity. HINT: you might like your child to use different colored pencils for the different constellations for graphing all on one sheet of paper.  Graphing them on one sheet helps us all get a sense of the relationship between the stars in these constellations and makes it easier to locate them in the night sky.  This is a great science lesson plan that enforces graphing skills that you may or may not have covered yet in math, but which are straightforward enough that any grammar-stage student should be able to complete the activity.

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